Welcome back we have been away for a few months and at the moment we are all in lock down

This is where we review all the best of this year’s silly season 2019

We hope to cover all things psytrance as a culture. Art,music,festivals,events,underground,artists,dj’s fashion,craft, magic,but most of all the essence of psytrance through its living culture.


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A huge thanks to all of you out there who help support the Psytrance Network its out there for you guys, over the years we have met so many wonderful people. We have been to various events, over the years played 1,000’s of hours of tunes. 

Heads up to Triplicity,Tribal sphere,Nozstock,Boomtown,Glastonbury,Sunrise,Noisely,One Tribe, for all the event organisers who let us come and review 🙂 

So many artists from producers to Dj who have supported the show by letting us play your tunes.

This is were it all started for the psytrance network 


If you have a review and would like to send it over to us we might well publish them.

Have to just say that this album is spot on for a dancer. Proper deep grooves, blues, bounce, trance at its best…♥️♥️ each track is just so lush you can feel the layers taking you on a journey into the forests . Bring on the silly season for me this has kicked it off. Check them out at on beatport.



Must admit these tunes are too much and should be given a psytrance health warning, only to be listened to outdoors, where there is open space and room to dance. Boy you guys rock.

Loving it.

Catch them on the psytrancenetwork  trancing across the universe.

Its always a good thing to welcome and see new artists grow. Dj Svess has been one of our favourites over the years starting with some lush chill out to full on night time tunes.

This is a wicked taste of things to come .

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