Psylas Dj Psylas( Silas )I first came across psytrance at the age of 15yrs when he went to a psilocybe tribe forest party in North Wales that’s where is all started. He was bought a set of CDJ 100’S and a pioneer djm300s for his 16th birthday had one quick lesson from Ash Penter Elf then I just started to try and mix tunes He played at some of the forest party’s started Djing a some of the early faeriepirates party’s in the forest’s and really enjoyed the buzz. Since then he has have played at Psilocybe tribe Waveform/,Cosmo in the underground yurt, Trbalshere, Shanti, Trpicity, the Black pearl.psykaboomka faerie pirates samhain. shanti psykaboomka 2014 Faeriepirates NYE party I hope to be able to start making my own tunes soon.So if you like what I do have a listen out for me.

Gig list 2019

Disruption Agents March 2nd Wrexham, North Wales

Kula at the Mill March 8th Bradford UK.

Beltane faeriepirates April 27th North Wales

Tribal Sphere August 4th UK

Blackpearl 7th Edition August 23rd till 27th North Wales

New Years Eve secret location