DJ Iah

Upcoming bookings –

28th Dec – 4th Jan – Faeriepirates NYE gathering (North Wales)

15th March – Octopus Trance Rampage (Leeds)

27th – 29th April- Faeriepirates Beltane gathering (North Wales)

14th – 19th May – Transition festival (Spain)

8th June – Psyology (Birmingham)

13th – 18th June – Anthropos festival

12th – 14th July – Indigenous festival (Hampshire)

26th – 28th July – Visionary Distortion festival (Scotland)

2nd -4th August – Tribal Sphere Outdoors

For bookings please contact me through Facebook www.facebook.com/richard.shelton.9028
Or alternatively my email address dj-iah@hotmail.com

Since my introduction to the psychedelic scene in my mid teens I’ve been captivated by the sounds, sights, scene and energy of Goa/Psy trance parties and festivals.

I began dj’ing in 2011 and spent 2 years practising and improving my skills until i felt i was ready to begin my dj career and start performing live.
Since then I have played in India, Germany, Spain, Portugal and South Africa as well as many events and festivals over the UK, sharing the stage with many reputable artists.

I play a variety of different styles of Psytrance but my main concentration is on Night Full on. My sets focus on using mesmerising sounds, heavy basslines and twisted melodies to create an atmospheric journey into the heavier and darker side of Full On Psytrance.

My other focus is on progressive Psy and the slower side of Full-on. More suited to mornings and day time, these sets focus on clean, heavy basslines and hypnotic, uplifting and high energy sounds.


Label Dj at Tribal Sphere Records

Resident Dj for the Faeriepirates Collective