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This weeks Psytrance Network Show is dedicated to one of our fellow resident artists at the faeriepirates  Bruno aka Vibetech  .. So many of you fellow artists wanted to play on this weeks show .. So we decided to give out 30mins sets .. So you could show your love for a brother.. First Up is the Daft pirates two of the very best Dj’s I have heard.. Psylas and Bruno became firm friends and brothers along the way.. So this little set is a sign of good things to come .. 

Next up is some new talent  She played her first set at this new years eve 2019/2020

Anastazja Iwańczyk 


Well its some times the harshest of time when people are at the best and show true souls.. Bruno came to us along our travels as the faeriepirates.. He turned up and played for us on the bequest of others so we gave him a set .. To be honest he was so welcomed he is very much part of tribe .. So this weeks show is dedicated to Bruno our brother and his beautiful family .. We have decided to donate a pair of New Years Eve party passes.. Also one of rare faeripirate T.shirts … Further info on how to have a chance of winning these .. and many more freebies .. to be followed..                      


One Tribe One World One Dance Floor 



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